Convience Packs and Packaging

Agri-Mondo Inc. has always been an innovator in designing, creating, and marketing original packaging mixes for produce. Throughout the years, we have focused on constantly conceptualizing new ideas to present to our customers, always with the final consumer in mind. Our Mixed Fruit Packs combine different commodities into one convenient pack for consumers to easily add to their shopping carts. OurPackaging Options are vast, as we strive to constantly work with global material suppliers to be on the cutting edge of up-coming packaging trends. 


Convenience Packs  

  • Lemon Lime (Net Bag)
    • Contains 6 units : 4 lemons, 2 limes
    • Available all year
    • Ideal for cooking, drinks, garnishes
  • Sangria Mix (Net Bag)
    • Contains 6 units : 3 oranges, 2 limes, 1 lemon
    • Available all year
    • Ideal for adding into Sangria pitchers
  • Customizable Packs
    • We can create and customize any variety of fruit that we carry

Packaging Options

  • Net Bags by weight, packed by GIRO®, SORMA®, and DAUMAR® equipment
  • Header Bags by weight or count
  • Clamshells by weight, volume, or count
  • Plastic Containers by weight, volume, or count, with net overwrap
  • Cardboard boxes, any weight or size
  • All of our packaging artwork is customizable to your needs.