Company Profile

Founded in 1992 by current president and owner, Joe Borsellino, Agri-Mondo Inc. has now developed into a recognized industry leader in importing, distributing, and packaging fresh produce.

Two decades ago, equipped with over 20 years worth of experience in the industry, Joe Borsellino set out to create a produce importing company based on the simplistic value of committing to quality, freshness, and service. With these intentions, Agri-Mondo has now grown into one of the leading fresh fruit importers in Eastern Canada. Agri-Mondo prides itself on providing North American consumers with fresh produce imported for all corners of the globe, specializing particularly in citrus varieties.

As the company still continues to grow, its volume is approximately 5,000 containers of yearly imported produce. With its head office and main warehousing facilities located in Boucherville, Quebec, as well as a division in New Jersey, U.S.A., Agri-Mondo is capable of easily reaching large retailers across North America, particularly those located in more populated markets (across Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes, and the U.S.A.).

In addition to its historical commitments to quality, freshness, and service, Agri-Mondo has also committed itself to partnerships and innovations. The company takes pride in having developed lasting partnerships with its team of employees, with its suppliers, and with its customers. It is with the support of all its collaborating partners that Agri-Mondo has become an innovator in the industry by means of carrying high end labels, creating original packaging, and constantly updating its product line and packaging design to meet the ever-changing demands and tastes of today’s consumer


Agri-Mondo Inc.’s head office is located in Boucherville, Quebec, just south of Montreal, and minutes from local major artery highways. Moreover, it is strategically located near major industry markers:

  • 15 KM from the Montreal Port
  • 30 KM from the U.S.border
  • 450 KM from Toronto
  • 500 KM from NYC
  • 700 KM from the Philadelphia port

Agri-Mondo operates in a modern facility, designed and tailored to specifically meet its everyday operational needs. 

Warehouse Specifications

  • Built in 2005
  • Complete operational area of 4,200 m² (over 45,200 ft²)
  • Second site with 80,000 ft²
  • Entire warehouse has computer-controlled refrigeration system
  •  loading and receiving doors
  • Storage space for more than 4,000 pallets at a time
  • 15 storage coolers, each capable of temperatures
    ranging between -1°C – 18°C (30°F – 65°F)  
  • Ethylene scrubbers in every cooler
  • Production area for packing and grading
  • Warehouse organically certified by Ecocert
Our Services

Agri-Mondo Inc. is proud to be more than just a produce importer; it is well equipped to present its customers with a vast array of marketing services which add value to the product line, and enhance the overall customer experience.

 Marketing Services

  • Seasonal programs to secure volume and quality
  • Personalized packaging for customers
    • Private label
    • Exclusive design label or exclusive package
  • Innovative packaging
    • Consumer packs
    • Convenience packs
    • Original design
    • Sealed packages
  • Any other marketing service as requested by our customers 

Other Services

  • Repacking
  • Re-grading & inspection
  • Storage
  • Packaging capability of up to 10 loads per day
  • Cross-docking to major local retailers